Wastewater Treatment Plants


Typical uses for extended aeration wastewater treatment package plants include small communities, mobile home parks, recreational areas, schools, prisons and industrial facilities. We can design a package plant to fit your needs from 5,000 GPD [18.9m³/day] to 1,000,000 gal/day [3785m³/day].  These units can be designed as both permanent and portable wastewater treatment plants.

These units can be used in parallel to achieve larger flows if required. Wastewater package plants are available in many configurations to achieve different levels of effluent. This includes nutrient removal (phosphorous/nitrogen) and treatment to secondary and tertiary requirement levels with both membrane and media filtration. Our package plants are simple to operate and are user friendly with low maintenance.

We also offer field erect wastewater treatment plants with capacities to 1,000,000 gal/day [3785m³/day].

No matter how small your waste problem, we can supply the equipment. We have containerized packages available for camps, mines and military applications which need remote power. We can furnish units in containers which can be set up and running in less than 24 hours.  For more information on a sewage treatment plant cost, give our office a call.


Let us rebuild your existing steel or new concrete plant! Internal components include:

  • Stainless piping
  • Stainless pipe hangars
  • Diffusers (coarse bubble and fine bubble)
  • Airlift pumps
  • Scum and sludge return systems
  • Submersible pumps
  • Stainless slide rail systems with quick disconnects
  • Dosing pumps
  • Chemical feed systems
  • Grinder pumps
  • DPI Water PD blower systems (sound attenuated options available)
  • Davits
  • Superstructures (galvanized or painted) with fiberglass planking/decking
  • Tertiary filter components/systems
  • UV Systems for disinfection
  • Flow meters with recording options
  • PLC controls
  • DO meters with PLC integration
  • Stairs with galvanized or fiberglass treads
  • And other custom designs available to meet your needs!
  • Factory preset pressure relief valve
  • Flow check valve
  • Brass gate isolation valve
  • 3/16” thick A-36 steel blower base
  • NEMA premium motor
  • Exhaust silencer
  • Bi-Lobe, Tri-Lobe, or Helical PD blowers available
  • 14 gage 304L upper stainless steel enclosure 
  • Single phase ODP motors available upon request