About Us

For over 10 years we have been building the highest quality wastewater equipment on the market. Our plants range in size from 5,000 GPD [18.9m³/day] to 1,000,000 gal/day [3785m³/day].  Our products are also customizable and built to specifications to fit your project needs. Regardless of how small or large your waste problem is, we are here to help.


Wastewater Treatment Plants

Typical uses for extended aeration wastewater treatment package plants include small communities, mobile home parks, recreational areas, schools, prisons and industrial facilities. We can design a package plant to fit your needs from 5,000 GPD [18.9m³/day] to 1,000,000 gal/day [3785m³/day]. These units can be designed as both permanent and portable wastewater treatment plants.

Internal Components/Concrete Plants

We rebuild concrete/steel plants! Some of our internal components include:

  • Stainless piping
  • Stainless pipe hangars
  • Diffusers (coarse bubble and fine bubble)
  • Airlift pumps
  • Scum and sludge return systems
  • Submersible pumps
  • Stainless slide rail systems with quick disconnects
  • Dosing pumps
  • Chemical feed systems
  • And many others! Click to learn more.


Clarifiers can be used in conjunction with total extended aeration plants or as a stand-alone in applications where insoluble materials are present. We can furnish circular mechanical clarifiers in various sizes to meet your needs.


We are proud to offer the DPI difference- many of our products can be optioned out with stainless steel. Click to find out some of the options we can provide for your project needs.